July 27th, 2021

Tensar InterAx™ Geogrid

The success of a project is often determined by those we trust to provide expert advice. When an advisor shows a proven 50 + year track record of innovative, cost-effective solutions, you listen closely when they bring new ideas to the table. GeoSolutions has partnered with Tensar for more than 20 years because we’ve seen success time and again with their geogrid technology. And now, decades of research have resulted in Tensar’s latest achievement: the introduction of Tensar InterAx™, the next generation in geogrid.

Tensar InterAx™ combines advanced material science with an optimized geometry to improve the performance of roadways and other surfaces. Never before seen product features that create exceptional interaction with granular materials and unmatched levels of in-ground performance, reduce maintenance and enhance resiliency for longer lasting infrastructure.

Where has Tensar InterAx™ geogrid been installed?

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Twelve global teams and over 10,000 hours of R&D have led to the development of the InterAx™, Tensar's highest performing geogrid to date.

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