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About Us

GeoSolutions was founded in 1999 on the premise that the market would respond favorably to a solution-centric, customer driven offering versus a simple material supply house. We are focused on the client’s needs to solve site construction problems with the most recent technologies and products that will save time and money and improve performance.

Innovative Solutions

GeoSolutions stands for the innovation and evolution of construction technologies for pavements & site stabilization, erosion & sediment control, and stormwater & containment. Our product offering is everchanging to provide our customers with optimal solutions for their project. Check out a few of the unique technologies we support.


Reinforce soft soils, highways, retaining walls, and more with this geosynthetic layer.

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Protect slopes and channels via this concrete-filled artificial turf.

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Minimize the amount of rock needed to stabilize a site by confining it within cells.

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Design permeable driveways and parking lots that capture stormwater.

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Why GeoSolutions?

We have been careful to recruit and train personnel so that our advisor position within the industry is maintained throughout our daily activities. We have intentionally chosen the premiere leaders in the geosynthetic industry to represent, so that our product offerings are always relevant and consistently being improved. We are Solutions providers First and material providers Second.

Our Team

GeoSolutions consists of passionate problem solvers who value satisfying the expressed needs of our customers. We greatly value our professional relationships whereby we are considered to be trusted advisors by those with whom align with our core values.

Our Community

We at GeoSolutions have a desire to make a difference by serving people in our community and around the world through our GeoMinistries Program.

Our Values

From core to crust, our team embodies and lives out each of our company’s guiding principals, so that we can best serve the industry as trusted advisors.

Honor God

Know who you are, Know who He is.

We are to respect one another, regardless of hierarchy in the company. We are servants to each other and our customers and acknowledge God as our ultimate Authority.

Be Knowledgeable

We learn from the best to be the best.

We never “arrive” in any one job or role within the company. We constantly seek the wisdom of others both inside and outside the organization. Our aim as individuals and as a team is to constantly seek insight in an ever changing market to provide the best solution(s) to our customers.

Be Innovative

The Earth is Not Flat

Everyone is gifted with unique attributes and passions to use for the benefit of their professional and personal relationships. We encourage out-of-the- box thinking to help one another work smarter and more efficient – both our customers and fellow employees.

Be Dependable

Earning trust one day at a time.

We are to respect one another, regardless of hierarchy in the company. We are servants to each other and our customers and acknowledge God as our ultimate Authority.

Have Integrity

Do what you say.

Our word is our bond. We are unique in that we deliver on things that we commit to doing for our customers and for one another. Our “yes” means yes and our “no” means no.

Be Trustworthy

Scouts Honor.

When a task or responsibility is accomplished with little to no direction from peers or supervisors... on time, on budget and with a positive attitude. We are to be good stewards with our God given resources.

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Industry-Leading Partnerships

Strategic alliances with industry-leading manufacturers and distribution/wholesale outposts ensure you have access to innovative and proven solutions.