Success | 2781 Glen Garden Drive
Revitalize Bar Ditch using Concrete Canvas

2781 Glen Garden Drive

   Owner: City of Fort Worth

   Contractor: Concrete Canvas / GeoSolutions / City of Fort Worth

    Date: August 2022

Project Goals and Specs:

The goal was to revitalize a bar ditch that will support significant channel flow from the top of the slope, while providing the City with a long term solution they can replicate on future drainage projects to reduce costs related to installation, materials, time, and maintenance.

Vegetated Retaining Wall using Presto Geoweb

The project was located on a 4:1 downhill slope spanning roughly 160 LF. A 6-7’ flume was located at the topside of the project, directing water from the TX-Distillery plant to the bar ditch. The bar ditch was not originally designed to account for the heavy flow created by the flume. City of Fort Worth approached GeoSolutions to help design a long term solution that would allow water to flow down hill and prevent any and all erosion of the bar ditch.

Vegetated Retaining Wall with Presto Geoweb
Site Conditions:

Site conditions were overgrown, ungraded, and in disarray. Leftover rock and other techniques attempted by the City to combat the erosion issues were found throughout the site.

Presto GEOWEB Vegetated Retaining Wall
Identified Issues and Constraints:

Removing the existing, unneeded materials from previous patch jobs and regrading the channel to provide a smooth and clean working surface was essential to ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish for the Concrete Canvas installation.

Vegetated Retaining Wall Presto Geoweb
Solutions / Final Application:

Between GeoSolutions, Concrete Canvas, and the City of Fort Worth, our installation crew overlapped pre-cut sections of Concrete Canvas down the channel in accordance to its flow direction, similar to applying shingles on a roof. The Concrete Canvas made intimate contact with the existing flume by use of Elephant Armor, a fiber- reinforced, quick-setting concrete, to provide successful termination of the system at its entry and exit points. The side slopes were hydroseeded and protected with an erosion control blanket until adequate vegetation was achieved. After hydrating the Concrete Canvas and completing installation, the system passed several heavy water flow tests.

The City of Fort Worth will be monitoring this project over the course of the next year. Their stormwater department hopes to implement Concrete Canvas as a standard solution for future City repair/maintenance projects.

Vegetated Retaining Wall with Presto Geoweb
Optimization Highlights:

The City’s participation in design and construction ensured a controlled, successful installation for Concrete Canvas. Once the site was prepared, the channel was constructed with a small crew and in short time.

Customer Testimonials:

"I am really happy with this and cant believe it stood up to almost 9” of rainfall."

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