Turf reinforcement with Tensar InterAx Geogrid

Circuit of the Americas Overflow Parking

  Engineer: GeoSolutions

  Contractor: Circuit of the Americas

   Date: June 2012

Project Goals and Specs:

Provide a cost-effective solution to stabilize the vegetated overflow parking areas to regain accessibility and eliminate recurring towing fees and maintenance from past events.

GEOWEB being used for retaining highway wall

Torrential downpours from historical rain events during the June 2021 NASCAR Cup Series introduced a new challenge for Circuit of the Americas. The vegetated, overflow parking area became inundated with problems due to the saturated soils, causing major rutting and a multitude of stuck vehicles. Ultimately, costing over $100,000 in towing fees and maintenance.

GEOWEB being used for retaining highway wall
Solution & Results:

The high cost to extend the existing pavement section led COTA to begin looking at an alternative approach to protect the vegetated area. A high strength geosynthetic layer creates a bridge or break between a tire load and a saturated soil, allowing vehicles to traffic the area without rutting or slipping. The purpose of the install was to cover about 20,000 square feet of the vegetated area with various geosynthetic materials against an unreinforced, control area. The area was purposefully flooded by water trucks to recreate a heavy rain event, while a variety of vehicles trafficked the site.

The results were evident for one area in particular. The area reinforced with Tensar InterAx outperformed all other materials, as well as the control area, serving the site with a stiff reinforcement layer of geogrid for the minimiza- tion of rutting. Thus, creating a safe and accessible vegetated lot for overflow parking. InterAx added a frictional element to minimize vehicular slipping and sliding. It’s unique polypropylene structure allowed InterAx to lay flatter than all other tested products. Wider apertures within the geogrid allowed the existing vegetation to effectively penetrate the system for a natural aesthetic. The customer is confident that InterAx is the right solution for the overflow lot and anticipates pursuing the option in time for the next upcoming event.

Customer Testimonial
"InterAx is the right solution for the overflow lot and we anticipate pursuing this option in time for the next upcoming event."
Circuit of the Americas
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