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American Road Patch®


The American Road Patch introduces a simple and permanent solution to the worldwide pothole scourge. In the United States, public agencies are spending billions of dollars annually to make our highways and roadways safe and sound. American Road Patch introduces a product as the single major improvement in the age old process of pothole repair and utility installation damage to roadway surfaces.

American Road Patch has patented it's nearly permanent roadway repair solution to the huge financial demands of all public agencies required to provide safe and sound roads. Currently there is no other product on the market that truly extends or permanently repairs potholes as American Road Patch does. There is a high demand for a solution to this age old plague of potholes, and American Road Patch is the solution.see less
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Key Benefits and Technical Advantages
Today’s current road repair methods do not address the cause of the problem – keeping water out. Traditional repair methods use only fills, which are temporary at best. American Road PatchTM is the solution! Take the extra step now and avoid repeat repair work later.

  • Extends the life of the repair, in most cases permanently
  • Tensile strength of 350 PSI
  • Flexible in cold temperatures
  • Self-healing properties
  • Allows crews to catch up on pothole repairs since most repairs will be permanent

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