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AquaBlok® is a bentonite-coated aggregate that, when hydrated, self-compacts and provides a low-permeability seal in an easy to handle and apply package. Click below for a demonstration and to learn about the many benefits that make it better than conventional bentonite.

AquaBlok can be used for geotechnical sealing in ponds, basins, and other applications, such as dams, levees, cut-off walls, anti-seep collars, and in a wide range of general water control structure uses.
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Key Benefits and Technical Advantages

  • AquaBlok has been specified and approved by many designers for use on public and private led applications, including projects funded by municipalities, the US EPA, US Navy, and others, due to its superior ability to:
  • Provide a low-permeability (high hydraulic conductivity) seal without mechanical compaction.
  • Provide simple, targeted, and uniform placement of high-value sodium bentonite.
  • Provide improved durability, structural integrity, and resistance to erosive flow compared to conventional bentonite-based approaches.

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