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ARMORMAX is the most advanced flexible armoring technology available for severe erosion and surficial slope stability challenges. It is ideal for erosion control applications that require additional factors of safety, including protecting earthen levees against storm surge and wave overtopping, stabilizing streams, rivers and canal banks, and protecting stormwater channels. ARMORMAX also offers a cost effective solution for surficial slope stabilization to resist shallow plane failures. ARMORMAX is composed of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and Engineered Earth Anchors™ that work together to lock soil in place and protect against hydraulic stresses.
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  • Levees
  • Canals/Stream Banks
  • Channels
  • Earthen Dams Spillways
  • Steepened Slopes
  • Roadway Embankments
  • Arid and semi-arid environments where vegetation densities of less than 30% coverage are anticipated

ARMORMAX Features & Benefits

  • Provides permanent erosion protection for up to 75 years
  • Withstands extreme hydraulic stresses
  • Provides resistance to shallow plane slope instability
  • Provides temporary shoring and stabilization for constructed slopes
  • Resistant to non-hydraulic stresses from debris and mowing and maintenance equipment
  • Highly UV stabilized for applications with little or no vegetation
  • Available in green or tan to complement the natural surroundings
  • Outlasts other slope reinforcement methods yielding significant cost savings
  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs
  • Lightweight and easily transported into areas with access challenges


  • Recognized by the EPA as Best Management Practice (BMP) for improving water quality
  • Filters sediment and pollutants to improve water quality
  • Encourages infiltration of water back into the ground water table
  • Proven to reduce erosion and reinforce vegetation for low-impact, sustainable design
  • Yields a vegetated solution that is more aesthetical pleasing than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Maintains cooler water temperatures than traditional hard armoring, which is healthier for aquatic habitats

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