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Seed Aide® CoverGrow™


The Best Performing Granular Mulch — Period

Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology granular mulch made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied to a seeded area and activated by water, the granules quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed—whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots, or hydrospraying larger areas, CoverGrow is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.
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Compared to competitive granular mulches, CoverGrow provides you with 25 percent faster water absorption, 25 percent greater water-holding capacity and 25 percent greater swell volume. These superior features enable for better turf establishment and better soil bonding to prevent movement during rain or irrigation. Optimize your operations by applying CoverGrow in one of three different ways. Hydroseeding allows for rapid dispersion, fast mixing, smooth shooting and superior ground coverage that resists rain impact to stay in place longer than competition due to advanced tackifier technology. Broadcasting CoverGrow with a spreader or by hand gives you a smoother flow for easy application along with increased swelling, dispersion and coverage compared to leading dry applied pellets.

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