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Enviromat Fabric Formed Concrete Lining®


Enviromat Fabric Formed Concrete Linings are installed to provide protection against periodic high flows. After installation, vegetation can be planted within the open structure of the lining to create a more natural appearance. Enviromat Concrete Linings are used in drainage ditches and on the upper slopes of channels, canals, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and other water courses as well as for embankments subject to heavy run-off.

Enviromat Fabric Formed Concrete Linings are comprised of concrete-filled elements and unfilled areas that allow for the establishment of vegetation. Once the concrete sets, the defined unfilled and interwoven areas are opened by cutting the fabric and are planted or are filled with topsoil and seeded. Within a growing season a vegetated cover will normally extend over the lining, resulting in an erosion control system with the hydraulic, ecological and aesthetic features desired.

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