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Patented Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium® (HP-FGM®) stands alone as the ultimate erosion control and revegetation product — proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and turf establishment blankets. Fine grading and extensive soil preparation are unnecessary, allowing you to apply the product for immediate protection and superior performance at reduced overall costs.

Flexterra delivers the highest germination and growth establishment of any rolled or other hydraulically applied erosion control product available with greater than 99% erosion control effectiveness immediately upon application. It is 100% biodegradable and completely non-toxic and safe for even the most sensitive environments.
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Flexterra HP-FGM combines both chemical and mechanical bonding techniques to lock the engineered medium in place and promote accelerated germination with minimal soil loss. Greener from the inside out, here’s what makes it work so well:

  • Revolutionary patented Micro-Pore particles optimize water and nutrient retention
  • 100% recycled, virgin Thermally Refined® wood fibers produce the highest yield and coverage per unit weight, and are phyto-sanitized, eliminating weed seeds and pathogens
  • 100% non-toxic biopolymers and water absorbents enhance erosion control resistance and growth establishment
  • 100% biodegradable interlocking fibers increase mechanical bonding of the matrix to provide immediate performance upon installation

Flexterra HP-FGM has demonstrated nearly perfect erosion control performance — even on slopes as severe as 0.25H:1V. In addition to minimizing soil loss, the turbidity of runoff is greatly reduced. In large scale testing, Flexterra HP-FGM reduced effluent turbidity of sandy loam soils to less than 250 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTUs).

Quicker and complete establishment is the key to long-term erosion control. Flexterra HP-FGM has recorded the highest growth establishment rating of any erosion control product in independent laboratory testing using standard test method ASTM D7322.

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