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Futerra R45 HP-TRM®

Futerra R45 HP-TRM

Futerra R45 HP-TRM is constructed using a breakthrough manufacturing process that integrates a high tenacity polyester geogrid within thermally fused and entangled, three-dimensional nylon monofilaments to create a homogeneous, High Performance-Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM).

Anchor Armor™ Anchor Reinforced Vegetation System (ARVS) utilizes Futerra R45 reinforced with Percussive Driven Earth Anchors (PDEAs) to provide permanent anchorage and maximum stability.
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Futerra® R45 HP-TRM provides unique properties for demanding and specializedapplicationssuchas:

  • Leveearmoring
  • Canal and shoreline protection
  • Steep slope and channel stabilization
  • Slope failure repairs

Futerra R45 offers the industry’s highest profile, three-dimensional matrix—acting as a “reinforced grip layer” that allows vegetation to withstand periodic light vehicular traffic and mowing/maintenance operations on slopes up to 3H:1V.

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