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The GEOTERRA® structural mat system is ideal as a ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades or for creating reinforced pavements in less-than-ideal environments.

More cost-efficient than other reinforcement mat systems, the GEOTERRA® system can be utilized for either temporary or permanent applications.

Individual GEOTERRA® units are locked together to form a network of interconnected structural mats suitable for supporting a wide variety of vehicle and equipment loads over access roads, platforms, helipads and other areas. read more »

With high crush strength, the GEOTERRA® system has demonstrated the ability to handle the forces from some of the heaviest wheeled and tracked vehicle loads.

The versatile GEOTERRA® system can be used with varying site-specific subgrade conditions and loading requirements. Flexible design options allow the complete system to accommodate the most-challenging site conditions. System components may include separation, filtering, drainage and other components.

The versatile mat system allows for customizing the construction layout configuration to specific site needs with little to no waste. GEOTERRA® units can be pre-assembled into partial mats for transportation and installation efficiency.

Significantly lighter weight than other systems, the GEOTERRA® mat system is easily transported to even difficult-access sites and may be handled without special unloading equipment. The system can be disassembled, removed and reused at other locations.

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