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GreenArmor System


The GreenArmor™ System combines engineering and agronomic excellence to create the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering™ alternative. The system begins with Futerra® TRM (Turf Reinforcement Mat) which provides a permanent, lofty and open matrix. It is then hydraulically infilled with Flexterra® HP-FGM® (High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium®) to intimately bond soil and seeds while accelerating growth. This unique system protects against elevated levels of hydraulic lift and shear force while encouraging turf establishment and long-term root reinforcement—growing denser vegetation, faster, in areas where other TRMs have fallen short.
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This synergistic combination of cost-effective technologies enables the GreenArmor System to provide unprecedented levels of design safety.

1. Futerra TRM
Permanent Protection
The resilient three-dimensional matrix of thermally fused nylon filaments creates the ideal anchor for root reinforcement. Because the lofty matrix consists of 95% open space, it readily accepts a hydraulic infill, captures soil and encourages vegetative growth. And unlike stitch-bonded TRM products combining loose fibers, threads and nets, Futerra TRMs resist crushing, unraveling and tearing during and long after installation. The durable, UV-stabilized Futerra TRM matrix offers unrivaled structural integrity.

2. Flexterra HP-FGM
Immediate Protection/Rapid Growth
This hydraulically applied blanket provides immediate erosion control with no cure time required. Flexterra HP-FGM is designed with Thermally Refined® wood fibers, biodegradable crimped interlocking fibers and additives engineered to perform under extreme conditions, delivering > 99% erosion control effectiveness. When applied into a Futerra TRM, Flexterra HP forms an intimate bond with the matrix, seeds and soil. Holding 17 times its weight in water, the GreenArmor System doubles turf establishment rates of other TRMs.

3. Synergistic Solution
Unmatched Root Reinforcement
Combining today’s most technologically advanced erosion control and revegetation products, the GreenArmor System is a superior way to reinforce turf. Futerra TRM is designed to maximize root reinforcement and stand up to high water velocity and shear conditions. Flexterra HP-FGM offers immediate protection while speeding growth establishment and root entanglement. Together these components provide up to ten times the erosion resistance of natural vegetation.

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