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Mirafi MPV Paving Fabric

Mirafi® MPV

Mirafi® MPV products are nonwoven paving fabrics that are manufactured from polypropylene staple fibers when saturated with asphalt liquid on site forms a stress absorbing membrane that also provides a moisture barrier.

The Mirafi® MPV paving fabric structure provides a uniform high surface area required to absorb a large quantity of asphalt liquid. The saturated paving fabric ultimately forms a stress relieving interface that also provides a moisture barrier long after the cracks reflect through the system.
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The Key difference Mirafi® MPV Paving Fabrics Make:

  • Crack Reflection Performance: For Low to Medium Severity Cracking
  • Equivalent Asphalt Thickness to Achieve the Same Performance: 1-3”
  • Moisture Barrier: Prevents penetration of surface water into the subgrade, even if the crack reflect through to the surface
  • Stress Relief: Contains a stress-relieving interface that retards reflective cracking.
  • Rehealing: High re-bonding potential due to the higher tack coat application rate than similar products
  • Adhesive Bonding: Provides uniform bonding between old and new asphalt layers, so resists delamination where moving asphalt mixes are used.
  • Varying Weights: Comes in different weights for varying degrees of maintenance needs.
  • Installation: Easy to install on both milled surfaces, and on roads with curves. Easiest interlayer to install.
  • Milling and Recycling: Can be milled with conventional milling machines, and if saturated during installation is also recyclable.
  • Chemical Resistance: Chemically resistant to road salt, or other chemical deicing agents.

The face of a Segmental Retaining Wall consists of dry stacked, mortarless concrete units. These units cannot resist an overturningmoment generatedwhen a load is applied to a fence post. The Sleeve-It System uses a traditional cantilever design to engage the overlying soil mass, thereby providing resistance to the fence load.

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