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NeutraLime™ (Dry & Liquid)


Nothing Balances Soil pH Faster

Part of Profile’s ProPlus® Prescriptive Solutions, NeutraLime™ Dry and Liquid formulations quickly neutralizes acidic soils, promoting more complete germination and improving nutrient uptake. The faster you establish vegetation, the sooner you can walk away from an erosion control project. NeutraLime will help you do just that.
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NeutraLime Dry contains 50 percent more calcium carbonate (CaCO3) than the highest concentrated 2.5-gallon jug of liquid lime. Nothing balances soil pH faster — it mixes easily in the tank and improves soil pH within 3 to 7 days after application. Its graduated particle sizing extends maximum effectiveness up to 18 weeks. NeutraLime Liquid balances soil pH in 7-10 days after application. It features a high concentration of the purest form of limestone available. Easy to mix and use, NeutraLime Liquid is ideal for hydroseeder application.

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