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Propex pioneered paving interlayer fabrics with PETROMAT Original fifty years ago. Today it continues to be the most proven asphalt paving fabric in the market. No other product provides a better pavement moisture barrier or stress absorbing interlayer to prevent reflective cracking. Propex has also introduced PETROMAT Plus-White, the most versatile paving fabric that yields consistent installation, day or night, in any climate. Its light reflective properties remain up to 50° F cooler, than dark paving fabric. No wonder PETROMAT continues to be light years ahead of the competition. Our commitment to innovation and sustainable design led to the development of PETROMAT Enviro, an easily millable and recyclable paving fabric.
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  • Beneath asphalt concrete overlays
  • Within new asphalt concrete pavements
  • Chip seal surface treatments

Fast Installation

  • Engineered with optimal elongation to allow placement directly onto a milled surface
  • Flexible design allows smooth, wrinkle-free installation even around curves
  • Solar reflective fabric remains up to 50° F cooler than dark paving fabric, minimizing tack coat bleed through and tracking and enabling a cooler work environment.
  • Poses no safety hazard or irritation associated with fiberglass-based products
  • Reflective fabric provides better visibility during night paving

Unmatched Performance

  • Thicker design than most fiberglass-based paving mats, allows greater stress absorption to more efficiently slow fatigue and reflective cracking
  • Proven performance equal to an additional 1.5" asphalt concrete overlay thickness
  • Can be placed directly onto a milled surface without rupturing, unlike fiberglass-based products
  • Retains at least 0.20 gal./sq/yd. asphalt cement to become a true, 10-4 cm/sec pavement moisture barrier
  • Flexible design maintains an uncompromised moisture barrier, even if cracking does occur in the pavement
  • Provides 360 degree strength for multidirectional performance
  • Retains strength during installation and while in service better than fiberglass-based products


  • Engineered to be easily milled and recycled into new asphalt concrete

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