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PETROTAC® is a self-adhesive paving strip membrane geotextile used to treat local pavement distress, including joints and cracks, and as a bridge deck membrane moisture barrier. PETROTAC is easy to install and designed to extend the life of all paved areas, including highways, parking areas and airport pavements. PETROTAC is cost effective and designed to protect pavements from moisture damage by layering the pavement and providing a stress absorbing interlayer, thereby extending the length of time before the development of pavement cracking.
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Primary Functions

  • Moisture barrier
  • Stress relief
  • Adhesive bonding


  • Local pavement distress
  • Moderate joints and cracks
  • Highways and parking areas
  • Airport pavements
  • Bridge decks

Features & Benefits

  • Easy peel-and-stick installation
  • Seals crack and joint to minimize water infiltration
  • Reduces reflective cracking
  • Provides cost effective bridge deck waterproofing

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