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REFLECTEX® Rapid Install is a cutting-edge concrete pavement interlayer system that is comprised of REFLECTEX solar reflective bond breaker geotextile and ProGrip™ adhesive. ProGrip replaces the traditional nail-down installation method, reducing installation time and creating significant cost savings. Primary functions include: bond breaker, stress relief, lateral drainage and cushion/protection
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  • Unbonded concrete overlay
  • New concrete pavements over a treated base or subgrade

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces the traditional asphalt interlayer = one contractor, one trade and one schedule
  • Reduced installation time allows for less construction delays and traffic disruptions
  • Provides pavement drainage reducing the risk for freeze/thaw damage
  • Solar reflective properties reduce surface temperature by up to 50 °F, eliminating the need to cool surface with water
  • Heat reduction provides uniform curing and reduced stress cracking by up to 10%
  • PropGrip adhesive saves up to 30% labor and materials savings compared to traditional nail-down method and easily transported into areas with access challenges

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