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SCOURLOK™ is a robust Shoreline Defense System designed to resist extreme hydraulic stresses and protect shorelines while promoting vegetation. It was developed for applications that need below water scour protection in addition to slope stabilization and erosion control provided by ARMORMAX® and PYRAMAT® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions. Its patented design features rigid cells armored with superior erosion control protection from PYRAMAT High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and the separation capabilities of GEOTEX® nonwoven geotextile. Each cell assembly can be articulated to accommodate a variety landscapes.
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SCOURLOK improves the function of traditional hard armoring solutions by incorporating the vegetated benefits of an Engineered Earth Armoring Solution. The unique design of the PYRAMAT HPTRM helps lock seeds in place to promote rapid root mass development while GEOTEX provides unparalleled hydraulic flow and soil retention to support sediment control. Additionally, PYRAMAT is fastened to the rigid cells to form vegetating pockets that can be filled with vegetative-media to further promote and sustain plant growth.

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