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Profile Wood with and without Tackifier


The Industry Standard

When the first wood fiber hydraulic mulch was introduced in 1965, we set a new standard for hydraulically applied erosion control products. Profile® Products has continually built on that heritage and taken wood fiber technology and performance to even higher levels, keeping our products the #1 choice of specifiers, agencies and hydroseeding contractors.

Only Profile utilizes a patented Thermally Refined® manufacturing process that introduces 100% recycled wood chips into steam heat within a high-temperature and high-pressure vessel to create long and highly absorbent fibers
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Seven bags of Profile wood fiber mulch provide as much coverage as 10 bags of competitive wood mulch.


Superior coverage and greater loft within the matrix effectively reduces soil surface evaporation and erosion.


Greater loft also provides greater air pore space and water-holding capacity to promote more complete seed germination and faster vegetation establishment.


Uniform mulch slurries stay in suspension longer resulting in fewer clogs, better shooting distance and more uniform coverage—you get more done in less time.

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