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One Person, One Family (at a time) Relief

Harvey Relief

Galations 6:2: "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

GeoSolutions Harvey Letter »

As the degree of damage and despair in Houston and Texas coastline continues to unfold before us, our team is dedicated to restoring hope in as many communities as possible. Our GeoSolutions family has prayerfully formulated a plan that will put much needed resources directly into the hands of those in need. Our offices in Oklahoma and throughout Texas have committed to raising $20,000 to help fund our One Person, One Family (at a time) relief effort. Each dollar raised will be used to purchase $50 cash cards or gift cards from big box hardware stores closest to the affected areas we serve.

GeoSolutions Outreach Day – October 6-7

GeoSolutions Harvey Outreach

This weekend was nothing short of remarkable – GeoSolutions volunteers witnessed God’s hand at work in the affected area. The afternoon shift was heart wrenching.  Our crew was greeted by the Hunter family of four whose home was lifted off of it foundation by the 3-4 foot storm surge on the west side of Rockport, closest to Copano Bay.  They basically lost everything.  Our team primarily focused on removing furniture and appliances that were destroyed while also sifting through a debris pile for salvageable items. In spite of their loss, the Hunter family was able to muster a smile in taking the attached picture.  After praying for them as a team, the Samaritan’s Purse team leader allowed us to present the family $1,700 worth of Home Depot and Target gift cards. Please lift up the team leaders and volunteers in the coming days and weeks – much work still to be done. “One Person, One Family (at a time) Relief” are not just words on an internet site… GeoSolutions is living this out. 

Geosolutions Community Outreach For Harvey Devastation

GeoSolutions Outreach Day – September 28-29

GeoSolutions personnel will utilize boots on the ground in our Houston and Corpus Christi markets aided by our outlying office staff to directly impact families, comfort them, pray with them, provide monetary assistance and humbly help begin the healing process. We have committed to initially travel to the affected areas on Sept 28 – 30 to assist in the clean-up/rebuilding effort. Future travel dates are also being established for personnel from our offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Oklahoma to continue our service efforts. We are faithful that God will show us continued actions to step into as hope is restored One Person, One Family at a time.

GeoSolutions GoFundMe Financial Match for The Allenger Family in Rock Port, TX

Please donate by visiting their Go Fund Me page.

Giving Back

GeoMinistries Eastern Province Rwanda GeoMinistries Meeting the Team Drilling Wells GeoMinistries Rwanda Well Drilling GeoMinistries Rwanda Fresh Water Well GeoMinistries Rwanda Fresh Water Well

We at GeoSolutions have a desire to make a difference by serving people in our community and around the world.

Our adopted Christmas Family this year was Veronica of Austin and her 3.5 children, Geneva (11 yrs), Mercedes (8 yrs), Jacob (4 yrs) and the baby on the way. We supplied a lot of necessities, clothes and toys for the family. Carol and Joy provided the shopping expertise and did a phenomenal job of making our money go a long way. Jesse, Joaquin and I played Santa and delivered the gifts. It took us 3 trips back and forth to the truck to bring in all the gifts. By the time we made our second round, Veronica was in tears. I assure you they were happy tears. It was a heart-warming experience for all of us. Thank you to everyone that participated and contributed to Veronica and her family.

Beyond the family we adopt at Christmas, we are trying each year to do a significant work somewhere in the world that will provide a sustainable improvement to the quality of life of people in need. Our current mission is to provide clean water to two Villages in Eastern Province, Rwanda, (just east of the city of Kigali, Rwanda).

Shortage of clean water has created a significant strain on the lives of the people in these Villages. Children are forced to travel an hour each way to collect water in plastic containers from a polluted watering hole to provide water for their families.

We are working through an organization called Rwandans4Water to drill two water wells so that the Villagers will have sustainable water for years to come.

Boy Scouts 2015

GeoSolutions is proud to be an integral part of our community and support organizations like the Boy Scouts.

GeoMinistries Boy Scouts

Rwanda Trip 2014

This was our second trip back to serve the gracious people of Rwanda. We traveled to the Gatsibo District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, where the lack of clean water significantly hampers the villager’s quality-of-life. Several times a day, the village children and the mothers of these remote villages trek several miles to draw water from surface water sources that are polluted by runoff and livestock activity.

We have been called to help provide clean water sources for the villagers and were able to successfully drill our third and fourth well this year. We are partnered again with Rwandans4Water. The president, Aloys Zunguzungu, and his staff were again extremely accommodating and made our trip extremely fulfilling.

This year was particularly satisfying for me for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, that God has continue to bless our company and staff making it possible to donate and participate for a second time in an overseas project were we could make a sustainable difference in the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. We take for granted so many things in our culture that are not even remotely attainable for many people in the world. The rural areas of Rwanda are a prime example of this. We experienced a lifestyle that seems primitive to us here in America. One of the things that struck us is how happy the people are despite their meager lifestyles.

Think about it for a moment. They live in tiny one room huts made out of mud blocks, they have no running water, no toilets, no electricity and certainly none of the luxury items that we possess. They labor all day just to sustain their lives. They gather water and firewood to boil and purify the water, cultivate the land and plant and harvest vegetables. Everywhere we went people were either carrying water, firewood or farming tools.

Secondly, it was very rewarding to go on this trip personally and more importantly to have taken my youngest son of 18, Greyson. We were joined on the trip by Jared Steedley and Travis Perkins. The act of serving needy people halfway around the world has changed our world view forever.

GeoMinistries Eastern Province Rwanda
GeoMinistries Eastern Province Rwanda
GeoMinistries Eastern Province Rwanda

Thirdly, we were very excited to provide additional comfort in the way of croc shoes and indestructible soccer balls. We provided 50 pairs of crocs to a group of village kids that had followed us on an expedition to the wells we had drilled in 2002. We will never forget their smiling faces as we placed, what was for many of them, their first pair of new shoes on their feet. The process of handing out the 20 soccer balls was equally rewarding. It basically amounted to finding a group of kids that were playing soccer with a makeshift ball, typically old T-shirts and rags, tied into the shape of a ball with twine and surprised them with a shiny new indestructible soccer ball. We had the joy of getting involved in multiple impromptu games and skills competitions.

Additionally, Aloys arranged an activity where we were able to give a number of soccer balls to one of the primary schools. We had a memorable time dancing and playing soccer with the school children.

We look forward to continuing to serve the people of Rwanda by providing clean sustainable water in our partnership with Rwandans4Water. Alloys, we pray that God will continue to bless your efforts and that we can come alongside of you as an instrument of God's will in providing for his people.


Carey Witt
GeoSolutions / GeoMinistries

GeoMinistries Eastern Province Rwanda GeoMinistries Meeting the Team Drilling Wells

Rwanda Trip 2012

Jared Steedley, from our Austin office, was scheduled to be in Rwanda to do some mission work with an orphanage and agreed to help coordinate the efforts to drill the wells with the Rwandans4 Water organization. Jared and his friend Travis Perkins took a very active role in serving the Villagers by helping drill one of the wells while they were there. The second water well will follow after completion of the first well.

Jared has done an outstanding job representing us and doing God’s work in Rwanda.

Thank you all for being part of something bigger than all of us!

I pray that God will continue to bless our efforts in Africa or wherever he leads us next.

You can see additional information on the well drilling activities by visiting the Rwandans4Water site.

Carey Witt, P.E.
GeoSolutions, Inc.

GeoMinistries Rwanda Well Drilling
GeoMinistries Rwanda Fresh Water Well
GeoMinistries Rwanda Fresh Water Well

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Each year dozens of young men and women, from all over Texas, work endless hours preparing and grooming their animals for the San Antonio Livestock Exposition in hopes of receiving enough money at the auctions to further their education. The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo educational commitment exceeds $171.4 million with $11.3 million committed in 2016 in the form of scholarships, grants, endowments, junior livestock auctions, youth western art auction, calf scramble program and show premiums. Geo Solutions Inc. is proud to provide financial support to Texas youth by contributing to the junior livestock auction.

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