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Products - Cellular Confinement

GeoWeb® Cellular Confinement System

High-Strength, High Quality Original GeoCell

Construct roads over soft soils and naturally-vegetated retaining walls, stabilize steepened embankments, channels and shorelines, and protect geomembranes. Create reliable solutions that perform long after they’re installed.

Trusted Quality & Performance

The Presto GeoWeb® system is the original cellular confinement system developed by Presto Geosystems over 30 years ago for creating solutions to challenging soil stabilization problems. Genuine GeoWeb® has always been manufactured in the USA from high-quality, high-strength polyethylene so quality and performance are always dependable.

GeoWeb® Soil Stabilization

GeoWeb® Key Applications

Load Support: Economical system solves unacceptable road, parking, and yard surface problems.

  • 3D structure stabilizes infill and controls shearing, lateral and vertical movement. Allows use of less costly on-site infill materials. Reduces base material requirements & costs by half.
  • Beneficial for load distribution over weak soils, base stabilization for paved surfaces and surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces.

Slope Protection: Creates a stable environment for and long-term sustainability of embankment material.

  • 3D structure reinforces the upper soil layer and resists erosive conditions and sliding forces beyond limits of other systems. Long-term solution for sustainable vegetation, permeable aggregate, hard-armored concrete or geomembrane protection.
  • Reduces land space requirements & costs by allowing slopes to be designed steeper than when unconfined.

Channel Protection: Ensures stability and protection of channels exposed to all types of erosive conditions.

  • Effective with low or high, intermittent or continuous flows. Can be designed to withstandthe highest velocities with appropriate infill materials.
  • Research substantiates the effectiveness of the vegetated Geoweb/TRM system for sustaining velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). Vegetation can replace costly rip rap in drainage ditches and stormwater channels.

Vegetated Retaining Walls: Creates economical, vegetated retaining walls that meet all design requirements.

  • Typical wall structures include steepened slopes, geocomposite retaining walls, gravity walls and multi-layered channel systems.
  • Quicker installation is contractor-friendly. Handling light-weight sections causes less stress on workers compared to block wall systems.

Concrete Filled GeoWeb®

With concrete infill, the Geoweb system creates a flexible lining system that is poured in place without additional formwork.

  • The system’s flexibility allows it to conform well to subgrade soils, accommodate differential settlement and minimize cracking.
  • The 3D structure can be up to 50% thinner than reinforced concrete, ensures a uniform depth of concrete, and accommodates a lower quality, lower slump concrete.
  • Compared to articulating concrete block (ACB) systems, Geoweb channels are less expensive and do not require specialized equipment to install.

The Presto GEOWEB® system provides a wide variety of economical, flexible protection treatments for open channels and hydraulic structures. The system provides stability and protection of channels exposed to erosive conditions ranging from low-to-high flows, either intermittent or continuous.

  • Greatly improves the hydraulic performance of conventional protection materials such as aggregate, rip-rap and topsoil/ vegetation by confining them within the cellular structure.
  • With concrete infill, produces a flexible slab for a long-lasting armored channel lining at a lower cost than articulating block systems.
  • Can be designed for specific site conditions based upon compatibility with local environmental, ecological and aesthetic requirements, maximum anticipated flow conditions, and associated hydraulic stresses.
  • Surface roughness and hydraulic efficiency of the lining system can be changed to control flow.