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Products - Erosion Control/Revegetation

Native Grass Sod

Native Grass Sod Erosion Control

This work involves placement of commercially grown sodded grass that is composed of a mixture of drought-tolerant native grass species.


  • Provides immediate soil cover, providing immediate control of surface erosion.
  • Montana State University research data showed that a freshly tilled 2.5:1 (H:V) slope treated with hydroseed yielded 1-2 tons/hectare/year while the native grass sod yielded only 0.6 tons/hectare/year.
  • Immediate cover greatly reduces competition from invasive weed species.
  • Low long-term maintenance and establishment costs due to the ability of sod to reduce weed emergence and survival.
  • Controlling erosion at the source is much more cost effective than trying to remove sediment or metals from stormwater runoff downstream.
  • Sod strips placed at the toe of the slope remove soil particles from surface runoff before it leaves the project site.