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Geosynthetic Solutions - Erosion Mats

Erosion Control Blankets (ECB)

Erosion Control Blankets

Western Excelsior manufactures a full line of erosion control products including a wide variety of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Erosion control products are designed and implemented to stabilize in-situ soil, thus reducing non-point-source pollution. RECPs provide many advantages as erosion control solutions including cost, speed of implementation, ability to vegetate, and meet a variety of longevity and performance criteria. Learn More »

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs)

Turf Reinforcement Mats Erosion Control

Our Landlok Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are the industry's most advanced solutions for applications requiring immediate, long-term erosion protection, vegetative reinforcement and water quality enhancement capabilities. Our first generation TRMs are constructed of a dense web of 100% polypropylene fibers positioned between two biaxially oriented nets. Learn More »

High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs)

High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats

Pyramat High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs) feature our patented woven technology composed of a unique, three-dimensional matrix of polypropylene yarns. These yarns are designed in a uniform, dimensionally stable and homogenous configuration of pyramid-like structures, and they feature our patented X3 fiber technology specially created to lock soil in place. Learn More »


High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats

ArmorMax™ Anchored Reinforced Vegetation System is the most advanced flexible armoring technology available for severe erosion challenges. The ArmorMax system can be used in non-structural applications where additional factors of safety are required, including protecting earthen levees from storm surge and wave overtopping and stream, river and canal banks from scour and erosion. Learn More »