American Road Patch used for street drain
Repaired asphalt
Construction truck rolling over repaired asphalt
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Preview of repaired side stree asphalt
Preview of repaired side stree asphalt


What is GreenArmor?

The GreenArmor System combines engineering and agronomic excellence to create the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering™ alternative. The system begins with TRM (Turf Reinforcement Mat) which provides a permanent, lofty and open matrix. It is then hydraulically infilled with Flexterra® HP-FGM™ (High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™) to intimately bond soil and seeds while accelerating growth.

What are the benefits of GreenArmor?

This unique system protects against elevated levels of hydraulic lift and shear force while encouraging turf establishment and long-term root reinforcement—growing denser vegetation, faster, in areas where other TRMs have fallen short. This synergistic combination of cost effective technologies enables the GreenArmor System to provide unprecedented levels of design safety.


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Product Details

As the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering™ alternative to hard armor, the GreenArmor System offers a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally superior means of protecting high-discharge waterways and steep slopes.

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Product Specifications

Designers need to know TRM performance limits in both vegetated and unvegetated conditions. The GreenArmor System has been comprehensively evaluated at the world renowned Colorado State University (CSU) Hydraulics Laboratory.

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Installation Details

Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions. Contact Now

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