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Products - Fiberglass Pavement Interlayers


LUCKENHAUS STAR Grid™ G-PS and STAR Grid G+PF fill the need for an all-inclusive geosynthetic reinforcing element for asphalt pavement overlays. These innovative products, when properly installed in conjunction with an asphalt concrete (AC) overlay, extend the overlay’s service life and reduce routine maintenance. Their high-strength, high-modulus structure reinforces the overlay while interrupting reflective crack propagation from the old surface.

Although paving fabrics are effective moisture barriers and can absorb slight differential movements between the old and new surfaces, they do little to reinforce an overlay. STAR Grid G+PF and STAR Grid G-PS are designed specifically to reinforce the overlay, while also controlling the reflective crack propagation. Asphalt overlays reinforced with STAR Grid fabrics result in significantly longer life.