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Preview GEOPAVE in use with gravel
Preview Truck driving over stabilized terrain
Geopave with rocks over top
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What is GEOPAVE®?

Control stormwater infiltration, manage runoff and create storage with porous pavements designed for every day traffic. With highly-permeable open-graded aggregate infill, GEOPAVE pavers promote a high rate of percolation, limit runoff and perform as a natural on-site retention system. Herringbone cells and integrated mesh bottom keeps aggregate in place even under heavy traffic use. Marking parking spaces and other delineation areas is a SNAP with GEOPAVE SNAP delineators.

What are the benefits of GEOPAVE®?

GEOPAVE® is an economical alternative to porous asphalt and pervious concrete, as they are designed to handle the most demanding load support requirements while promoting natural stormwater infiltration, reducing runoff, and reducing the need for detention or retention ponds.


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Product Details

The industry’s only aggregate paver system designed from the ground up for aggregate infill. The GEOPAVE system’s structural framework holds highly-permeable, open-graded base course in place through a unique herringbone cell pattern and monolithic mesh bottom. GEOPAVE pavements are a natural way to infiltrate and store stormwater on-site.

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GEOPAVE’s molded mesh bottom design spreads loads and keeps highly permeable aggregate confined for maximum stormwater infiltration and on-site storage.

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Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions. Contact Now

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