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Permeable Pavement

Boddington Grass Pavers

Bodpave™ 85 grass reinforcement paving grids are a modular cellular porous grass paver manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. Bodpave™85 porous grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking grid system for grass reinforcement, soil stabilization or gravel retention for regularly trafficked areas (pedestrian and vehicles) including overflow grass parking lots and fire lanes. Learn More »

Drivable Grass®

Drivable Grass® offers a simple and reliable solution to storm water management through biofiltration, infiltration, and storage without losing valuable site area. With the use of Drivable Grass®, storm drains, hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, and detention basins can be reduced or eliminated. Drivable Grass® also counts for required green space allowing for more usable land while reducing Heat Island Effect. Learn More »

GeoBlock® Grass Pavers

Design porous pavements that infiltrate stormwater, protect turf and resist the stresses of H-20 occasional traffic loading. Presto’s GEOBLOCK® system is a series of high-strength, interlocking, rigid pavers with unparalleled load distribution, and greatest turf protection with minimal base. Learn More »

GeoPave™ Gravel Pavers

Reduce your site’s impervious surface, reduce stormwater runoff and store stormwater on-site with a stabilized porous pavement system that supports traffic loading. Economical, low maintenance permeable pavement option. The Presto GeoPave® system gives you all of these benefits and long-term stability. This evolution in porous pavements stabilizes porous infill materials while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. It’s an economical solution that can help you meet green building goals and earn LEED credits. Learn More »

GrassProtecta® Grass Reinforcement Mesh

GrassProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh is a heavy duty thick HDPE plastic mesh that is installed directly onto existing grass surfaces to reinforce, protect and stabilize. Grass Protection mesh is perfect for grass surfaces that are prone to wear and rutting which can result in muddy surfaces that become incapable of withstanding vehicle traffic (car & trucks) or pedestrian applications (paths and walkways). TYPAR GrassProtecta® has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance. Learn More »

Netlon Fibers

An engineered root zone solution designed to provide high-quality turf with load-bearing capabilities. Netlon Advanced Turf® consists of a specially prepared root zone into which thousands of small interlocking mesh elements are blended. Washed turf or seed is used to establish grass cover. As the grass roots develop, they penetrate through the mesh to form a deep anchored root system and a very stable root zone. Learn More »


Porous Pave is a revolutionary paving product made from recycled tires, aggregate and urethane binder. Some of the benefits of this product are: Highly permeable – allows large amounts of rainwater to pass through into the ground while providing a hard surface; Flexible – 50% rubber content allows Porous Pave to remain flexible which eliminates cracking, especially in freezing climate freeze/thaw. Learn More »


TrueGrid is a modern, cost-effective, green paving solution for many applications that provide a variety of long-term tangible rewards. Choose only TrueGrid if you’re looking for a grid paving system that adds appeal, cares for the environment, and costs less than other solutions. Learn More »