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Revegetation / Mulch


ProPlus Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations improve soil’s capacity to support plant life. Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations (PAFs) are scientifically designed to boost the fertility and vitality of soils at critical stages of plant development. Our line of soil neutralizers and growth stimulants address specific soil and growing conditions. Learn More »


Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) erosion control products are made of Thermally Refined wood fibers, crimped interlocking fibers, and additives that are engineered to perform under extreme conditions. Flexterra can also be combined with other erosion control technologies to accommodate a broad range of conditions. Learn More »


GeoSolutions Inc. offers a range of appropriate grass and turf fertilizers for use in erosion control and soil stabilization projects. We have bulk quantities of both natural and synthetic fertilizers available for immediate delivery to your jobsite. Learn More »


ProGanics Biotic Soil Media is a combination of recycled Thermally Refined bark and wood fibers with a proprietary blend of biopolymers, biochar, seaweed extract, humic acid, endomycorrhizae and other beneficial constituents. Learn More »

ProMatrix™ Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM)

Get superior performance at a competitive price and a higher loading rate with ProMatrix™. ProMatrix with patented Engineered Fiber Matrix™ (EFM™) technology was created to give you an edge when bidding on jobs requiring BFM/SMM hydraulic products. ProMatrix delivers the erosion control and vegetative establishment you expect from Profile Products at a competitive price and with 20% fewer tank loads per job! Learn More »


GeoSolutions Inc provides a full range of grass seeds that are appropriate for erosion control applications. As specialists in soil stabilization and erosion control, we know that the correct selection of grass seed is a crucial component of any erosion control system. Our team of erosion control experts can assist you in selecting the right variety of seed for your project. Learn More »


Combines 100% Thermally Refined™ wood fiber with the highest quality cellulose in the industry, delivering up to 15% greater yield to contractors vs. competitive blend products and covering up to 20% more ground than cellulose without a big jump in price. Learn More »


An ideal choice for critical sites with up to 2:1 slopes. Delivers up to 30% more yield—which means more money in your pocket. Contains 100% of the highest quality wood fiber. Thermally Refined™ wood fiber delivers up to 50% more water-holding capacity than atmospherically refined wood mulches. Learn More »