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Fiberglass Pavement Interlayers


The GlasGrid® Asphalt Reinforcement System is composed of fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer and formed into a grid structure. Each strand has a remarkably high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity; this is particularly important as asphalt concrete typically cracks at low strains. Learn More »

Tensar GlasPave™

The GlasPave™ Mat’s waterproofing capabilities are well suited to lower volume pavement surfaces. Its geosynthetic, non-woven polyester matrix enables an asphalt binder to fully penetrate and fill voids within the matrix, limiting the infiltration of surface moisture into the granular layers of a pavement structure, ultimately preserving the strength of these layers. The matrix design also promotes a quick, strong bond with a variety of asphaltic tack coats. Learn More »


LUCKENHAUS STAR Grid™ G-PS and STAR Grid G+PF fill the need for an all-inclusive geosynthetic reinforcing element for asphalt pavement overlays. These innovative products, when properly installed in conjunction with an asphalt concrete (AC) overlay, extend the overlay’s service life and reduce routine maintenance. Their high-strength, high-modulus structure reinforces the overlay while interrupting reflective crack propagation from the old surface. Learn More »