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Solution Comparison: Tensar's InterAx Geogrids vs Conventional Methods

Don't let soft soils derail your projects or increase your budget. Download our PDF resource to identify how Tensar InterAx geogrid can reduce overall costs and installation time while improving your project's design life and performance.



  Construction Cost.
  Construction Time.
  Environmental Impact.

Conventional methods are too expensive.

When it comes to subgrade stabilization, you could go with a conventional method. Still, it will be more expensive and time-consuming. Or you can use Tensar InterAx geogrid, proven to be faster and more affordable than conventional methods, which still delivering superior performance.

Download our free PDF resource Solution Comparison: Tensar InterAx Geogrid vs. Conventional Methods. Identify why Tensar InterAx geogrid is the best solution for your next project. Reduce costs and installation time, while improving your project's life and performance.

Solution Comparison: Tensar InterAx Geogrids vs Conventional Methods