Presto Geosystems

Adaptable geocells, permeable pavers and mats to put your project on track for success.

Who is Presto Geosystems?

With the commercialization of geocell soil confinement technology in the early 1980s, Presto Geosystems made history as one of the early pioneers in the world of geosynthetics. Four decades later, that innovative spirit is as alive today as it was at the beginning of their journey. Presto Geosystems products have been used on every continent and on thousands of projects to improve infrastructure reliability and environmental quality for communities around the world.

What solutions does Presto Geosystems offer?

Presto is the original inventor of the three-dimensional geocell technology, working with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Presto’s quality solutions create grass and gravel porous pavements for pedestrian and vehicular traffic use. The permeable systems deliver structural support for traffic loads and provide stormwater drainage benefits.

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