TenCate Geosynthetics

Providing the geosynthetics industry with expert application knowledge, through the highest quality products, brands, and solutions.

Who is TenCate Geosynthetics?

TenCate Geosynthetics is the world’s leading provider of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics. Through the processing of synthetic raw materials, they develop, manufacture, and provide innovative and reliable industrial technical textiles that enhance the performance of our customers’ products.

What solutions does TenCate Geosynthetics offer?

TenCate brand products are a specific, engineered response to a specific problem: how to enable landforms to withstand the most severe and erosive forces of nature, with the minimal use of natural resources. Through engineering and research that span more than 50 years, TenCate Geosynthetics has created the most diverse line of geosynthetic products available from any single source on the planet .

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