Watershed Geo

A geosynthetics company specializing in engineered products that solve earth’s greatest challenges with solutions that reduce risks, require virtually no maintenance and stand the test of time.

Who is Watershed Geo?

Watershed Geo® provides solutions for ongoing problematic environmental issues. They continually challenge traditional solutions with systems that are sustainable, low-cost and engineered for extreme performance. Their products solve an array of issues in industries such as geotechnical engineering, waste management, erosion control and mining.

What solutions does Watershed Geo offer?

HydroTurf® is an engineered revetment solution designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity and shear stress. It offers the aesthetics of vegetation combined with better performance than traditional hard armor. It is also significantly less costly than other traditional methods. Construction of the system is rapid, low impact and scalable, reducing the carbon footprint. HydroTurf provides an impermeable geomembrane protected by engineered turf which is infilled with HydroBinder®, resulting in a fiber reinforced high-strength concrete matrix.

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