What Can ProGanics Do For You

Enhance Efficiency

Hydraulically applied, ProGanics allows for fast application and erosion control even on challenging, hard-to-reach sites. Easy to use on a wide range of job sites, ProGanics shines where soils are too wet or frozen to dig and transport and on steep slopes where topsoil placement is impractical.

Cost and Time Savings

Compared to the traditional method of trucking in excessive supplemental topsoil or compost topsoil, ProGanics can provide the equivalent amount of organic and soil-building components as 36 Truckloads with only 2 Tank loads.

Improve Soil Health

Designed to kick-start root development and vegetation establishment(insert comma here) ProGanics has been created to initiate the nutrient cycling necessary to regenerate depleted soils. All ProGanics Biotic Soil Media blend components are naturally derived and renewable. Unlike peat harvested from fragile wetlands, ProGanics supports environmental sustainability.

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