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GeoSolutions consists of passionate problem solvers who value satisfying the expressed needs of our customers. We greatly value our professional relationships and are considered to be trusted advisors by those who align with our core values.

Subgrade Stabilization Cost Savings Calculator

Identify the estimated install cost of using Lime, Cement, or InterAx Geogrid across Texas for your subgrade stabilization needs when facing soft soil challenges.

Determining Your Optimal Solution

Your trusted GEO Pro advisor will guide you through each step of your unique project and its plethora of challenges to ensure your success.


We ask, listen, and confirm your needs, allowing us to gather the information needed to help you make informed decisions.


We identify and evaluate all available solutions for your project, ensuring your optimal solution.


Finally, we provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and best purchasing decisions to optimize your success.


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Working with GeoSolutions was easy. My GEO Pro made my firm feel like a valued partner in the process. From the material order changing, to the eight month delay while the customer was making a decision, GeoSolutions did an excellent job getting our team all the answers we needed.


GeoSolutions has always been very responsive and helpful with engineering solutions. They have knowledge of most efficient and economical engineering solutions and quick response time.


A go to firm with experience in solving unusual stormwater management issues.


GeoSolutions helped estimate the number of rolls required, provided install methods and best practices, and was available to answer our questions each step of the way.


I will contact GeoSolutions for specific information to make decisions. Their presentations are very well presented to introduce the products and technologies. Thanks for your time to help us learn more simple, cost-effective and save the environment with all aspects of construction impacts.


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Strategic alliances with industry-leading manufacturers and distribution/wholesale outposts ensure you have access to innovative and proven solutions.

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