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    Soil Stabilization Erosion Control Experts
    GeoSolutions provides dependable solutions for challenging sites with
    problematic soils, grade separation structures, stormwater treatment
    requirements and soil erosion problems utilizing geotextiles and
    geogrids, earth anchors, walls and slopes, turf reinforcement mats,
    revegetation, stormwater filters and geomembrane liners, and more.
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    Geogrid Mechanical Soil Stabilization
    GeoSolutions’ high strength geogrid and geotextile designs
    ensure high-performance, cost-effective solutions to increase
    pavement longevity, minimize future maintenance, & allow for
    increased traffic loading.
    Geogrids - Geotextiles
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    Retaining Walls and Slopes
    GeoSolutions’ retaining wall and slope solutions are dependable and cost
    effective construction techniques for grade separation requirements ranging
    from simple site grading tasks to complex structural challenges, improving
    durability while decreasing labor and equipment needs and reducing
    undercutting and overexcavation.
    Retaining Walls - Slopes
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    GeoSolutions’ erosion control mats and hydraulically applied mulch
    technology encourages revegetation and controls erosion on banks
    & steep slopes and can be supplemented with permanent turf
    reinforcement mat technology for high-flow storm water channels.
    Erosion Control
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    Low Impact Development (LID)
    GeoSolutions designs & facilitates low impact development projects
    to manage stormwater through natural landscaping with permeable
    pavements, bioretention facilities, garden rooftops, & rain barrels.
    Low Impact Development (LID)
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    GeoSolutions offers unmatched engineering expertise
    in soil stabilization, retaining walls, streambank
    stablization, low impact development and erosion
    control. Call today and let’s discuss your next project.
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    The Recessed Storm Water Curb Inlet Filter.
    This BMP compresses within the mouth of the curb inlet,
    allowing the product to remain out of the right-of-way
    of traffic during the construction phase.
    Featured Product

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GeoSolutions, Inc.

Soil Stabilization, Earth Retention & Erosion Control Experts

GeoSolutions Inc. has led the ground stabilization, earth retention and erosion control fields with products and expertise covering a broad range of applications. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we offer the materials and expertise you can rely upon to get the job done right.

With offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and Oklahoma, GeoSolutions is the region's leading provider of products used in soil stabilization, erosion control and earth retention projects. GeoSolutions also offers expert planning, design and engineering services for site development projects, as well as offering environmental services including SWPPP plans & inspection services.

GeoSolutions’ polypropylene geotextiles and geogrid technology provide permanent and temporary erosion control and sediment retention through separation, drainage and filtration.

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GeoSolutions’ featured division that consists of the inspection, maintenance, and repair services necessary to keep your jobsite up to date with regulations and codes during the construction phase.

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GeoSolutions’ offers popular Lunch-n-Learn events free of charge to businesses in our region. You can pick any topic you like along a broad range of soil stabilization, retention and erosion control topics.

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