What can you accomplish with GEOPAVE Gravel & GEOBLOCK Grass Rigid Pavers

Exceptional stormwater management

Promote natural stormwater infiltration, reducing runoff, and reducing the need for detention or retention ponds.

Remarkable load bearing capicity

Rigid porous pavements designed to handle the most demanding load support requirements while promoting natural stormwater infiltration.

Forward and long-term thinking solution

Implementing efficient, minimal maintenance solutions suitable for green infrastructure (GI) and low impact development (LID) to distinguish yourself from competitors.

How Leading Teams Are Thriving with GEOPAVE Gravel & GEOBLOCK Grass Rigid Pavers

Permeable Grass Paving | The GEOBLOCK5150 Grass Pavers allowed the NHBP to provide a parking area for their Pow Wow grounds while maintaining a green aesthetic, meeting stormwater requirements, and minimizing the impact on the environment. By using an engineered base (topsoil/aggregate mix) as infill, the GEOBLOCK5150 system encourages deeper root growth and healthier grass performance.

Porous Grass Parking | Months after completion, the vegetated parking lot is functioning as planned and is heavily used for services and special events. The City of Knoxville has used this project as an example of successful urban low-impact development and the Church leadership is very satisfied with the results of the project. Maintenance of the grass pavement is similar to maintaining any grass surface.

Permeable Parking Area | Original plans called for the use of traditional concrete pavers across the entire parking lot, which would have put the project on track for substantial budget overruns. Fortunately, installation of the GEOPAVE system allowed the project to stay within its original budget due to the system’s ability to accommodate vehicular loading requirements as well as provide necessary on-site stormwater management.

Permeable Aggregate Parking | The porous pavement was installed to align with the existing asphalt pavement at the interface of the two pavements. Drive lanes and more than 150 parking spaces (51,000 sq ft) were installed for the new porous pavements and delineated by white paint lines. The GEOPAVE system met all regulatory requirements and was approved by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Road Shoulder Stormwater Drainage | The GEOPAVE® and GEOWEB® Porous Pavement Systems were installed along the side of Lake Shore Drive in Auburn, Maine, and filled with aggregate to improve drainage from runoff and make the shoreline safer for vehicles and pedestrians who stop along Lake Auburn just beyond Taber’s Lakeside Stand.

Recreational Trail | The GEOPAVE System surpassed the project’s strict technical and environmental requirements. Its various features, such as durability, low environmental footprint, straightforward installation, and ADA compliance, highlighted the city of Davis’ commitment to integrating technological innovation with ecological sustainability and inclusiveness.

Overcome strict impervious cover requirements with ease with GEOPAVE Gravel & GEOBLOCK Grass Rigid Pavers!