November 2nd, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to the GEOBLOCK® Grass Paver System

In the quest for sustainable infrastructure, the GEOBLOCK® Grass Paver System emerges as a beacon of innovation, reshaping our understanding of turf protection. Imagine a system that not only offers unparalleled strength to support hefty traffic loads but also champions the environment at every step. From its commendable groundwater recharge capabilities to its eco-conscious makeup featuring up to 97% recycled polyethylene, the GEOBLOCK system is much more than just a high-performance turf protector. Whether it's the sprawling greenways of a college campus, the demanding terrains of golf courses, or the everyday driveways of our homes, this system promises durability intertwined with environmental stewardship. Dive in as we explore the intricacies, benefits, and revolutionary applications of the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers, the gold standard in turf protection and sustainable pavement solutions.

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What is the GEOBLOCK system?

The GEOBLOCK system is a high-performance turf protection system renowned in the industry for its strength and efficacy. Designed as high-strength turf pavers, they facilitate drivable grassed pavements suitable for occasional traffic loading, shielding the grass from stress. Their rigid structure and top-notch load-spreading capability allow them to support hefty traffic loads (up to H/HS25 loading) with a minimal base. Additionally, the system boasts high stormwater infiltration rates thanks to its topsoil infill and engineered base, making it an efficient solution for stormwater management and an excellent medium for rapid and healthy grass growth.

How do the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers work?

The GEOBLOCK system features a unique design combining a large, rigid surface area, interconnected cell walls, and solid interlocking connections, all working harmoniously to provide exceptional load transfer and flexural strength. This robust construction effectively withstands various stresses, including those from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads. Additionally, the system's design ensures an even distribution of loads, significantly reducing the likelihood of rutting in concentrated drive lanes.

Moreover, the deep cells, interconnected for added stability, safeguard both topsoil and grass from the wear and tear of repeated loading. This design is protective and fosters a thriving natural environment: the topical promotes rapid, robust grass growth, outperforming systems with sand infill. Furthermore, the specially engineered base material enhances percolation, encourages healthy grass, and ensures the system's durability and long-term effectiveness.

What are the advantages of GEOBLOCK?

The GEOBLOCK system boasts a range of advantages, including exceptional load transfer and flexural strength, as well as resistance to torsional loads and rutting. Its design, characterized by deep interconnected cells, safeguards topsoil and grass from damage due to repeated loading, ensuring superior turf performance. Additionally, its strong unit strength reduces installation costs, necessitating a shallower base depth compared to other systems while still achieving HS25 loading.

What are the best applications for the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers?

• Access Roads: Emergency, Maintenance, and Utility Vehicles.

• Roadways: shoulders, pull-off areas.

• Parking Areas: occasional overflow.

• Trails & Walkways: pedestrian trails, greenways, barrier-free access.

• Golf Courses: cart pathways & edging.

• Residential: driveways, parking areas, camper & boat bays.

• General: event areas, pedestrian areas.

• Condominiums & housing complexes, commercial buildings, educational campuses, parks & nature preserves, hospitals & medical centers, shopping centers, sports facilities, and churches.

What are the environmental benefits of the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers?

The GEOBLOCK system offers numerous environmental advantages. It boasts high permeability, promoting groundwater recharge and lessening surface runoff. The system facilitates stormwater storage, reducing the need for extensive on-site stormwater ponds and minimizing site disruption. Additionally, it enhances stormwater quality through increased natural infiltration and contaminant filtration and decreases non-point source pollution. Manufactured with up to 97% recycled polyethylene, the GEOBLOCK pavers are eco-friendly. Their grass pavements also counteract the heat island effect typically seen with traditional rigid pavements.

Is the GEOBLOCK system difficult to install?

To install the GEOBLOCK system, one must first prepare the subgrade by excavating the area, considering the unit's thickness and base depth. The subgrade should be dry, free of standing water, and cleared of large debris. It must then be compacted as per engineering specifications, ensuring the porous sub-base isn't overly compacted. If specified, a geosynthetic layer may be added over the subgrade. Due to the GEOBLOCK system’s high thermal expansion rate, installing on cooler days is advised to manage expansion.

A herringbone pattern is recommended for large areas, and units can be custom-fitted. Units can be anchored using stakes or screws if there's potential movement during installation. While the process is methodical, it may require some expertise to install GEOBLOCK, so while not inherently simple, installation is manageable with the proper knowledge. See the detailed guide here.


In the ever-evolving world of turf protection, the GEOBLOCK system stands out as an industry benchmark for its durability, efficacy, and environmentally conscious design. Designed as a top-tier turf protection system, the GEOBLOCK pavers shield grass from external stress and significantly optimize stormwater management. Its unique interconnected cell wall design ensures maximum load transfer, flexural strength, and grass protection. It enables its application across various settings, from overflow parking to expansive golf courses and educational campuses.

One of the system's most commendable features is its eco-friendly composition, comprising up to 97% recycled polyethylene, amplifying its role in promoting sustainability. Moreover, the system's grass pavements actively mitigate the heat island effect commonly associated with traditional rigid pavements.

Although the installation process demands precision and adherence to guidelines, the result is a durable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective pavement solution that meets and often exceeds expectations. As urban spaces grapple with sustainable development challenges, systems like the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers are poised to lead the way, melding innovation with eco-consciousness.

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