November 2nd, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to the GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers

Porous pavements have become an essential tool in the sustainable infrastructure toolkit. They help to address stormwater management and groundwater recharge, reducing the environmental footprint of urban areas. Among the available solutions, the GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers stand out as an innovative option designed to handle daily traffic and deliver ecological and cost benefits that exceed conventional choices such as porous asphalt and pervious concrete.

Presto GEOPAVE Product Shot
What is the GEOPAVE system?

Do you need a better way to control stormwater infiltration and runoff? Look no further than the GEOPAVE Gravel Paver system, a permeable paver designed for everyday traffic use. The GEOPAVE system promotes a high percolation rate, limits runoff, and performs as a natural on-site retention system with a highly permeable open-graded aggregate infill. The unique herringbone cells and integrated mesh bottom ensure the aggregate stays in place even under heavy traffic.

Presto GEOPAVE Permeable Access Roads
How does the GEOPAVE system work?

The GEOPAVE system paving units are meticulously designed for superior load transfer, traffic stress resistance, optimal infill stabilization, and stormwater storage. These units meet H/HS25 loading standards with a minimal base and cut down on installation costs due to their reduced base depth requirement compared to lighter pavements. Engineered for ease of handling, they boast the industry's most robust U-CLIP connections and feature SNAP delineators for clear markings in various parking and traffic situations. Furthermore, they effectively resist vehicular stresses and movement, align with green building standards, and offer potential LEED credits.

Permeable Sidewalks & Walkways using Presto GEOPAVE
What are the advantages of the GEOPAVE system?

The high-load distribution system features a shared wall design, sturdy connection clips, and a load-spreading mesh bottom. This snow-shoe effect creates an industry-leading load-transfer capability. The shared wall structure and robust u-clips also prevent movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads. This creates a robust framework that resists any such torsional loads. The interconnected cell walls spread point loads across the paver system, eliminating any potential for concentrated rutting. A monolithic mesh bottom keeps aggregate infill contained and prevents downward migration. Furthermore, the strong paver strength of the system allows for a low base requirement, which reduces installation costs compared to lighter-weight or rolled systems. This reduces the need for a deeper base to achieve HS25 loading.

What are the best applications for the GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers?

• Emergency access lanes

• Utility access lanes

• Permeable roadways & parking areas

• Recreational trails

• Pedestrian walkways & barrier-free ADA access ways

• Golf cart path shoulders & aprons

• Driveways

• High-use areas & permeable load support

Prestop GEOPAVE for lakeside access roads & parking
What are the environmental benefits of the GEOPAVE system?

The highly permeable GEOPAVE system enhances groundwater recharge and reduces surface runoff from paved areas. This minimizes site disruption and decreases the need for sizeable on-site stormwater ponds. These pavements can serve as both a stormwater detention and retention layer and can be adapted with deeper bases for added storage.

They seamlessly integrate with underground systems, elevating natural water infiltration and diminishing non-point source pollution. Additionally, these pavements are crafted from up to 97% recycled polyethylene, making them environmentally friendly. Their aggregate infill also offers a cooler surface, mitigating the heat island effect observed with conventional pavements.

What are the common misconceptions of the GEOPAVE system?

Contrary to popular belief, the common misconception that traditional asphalt and concrete always perform better and cost less than porous pavements is inaccurate. Well-designed porous pavements can be more effective. They are not as expensive as some might think; studies have shown they are not easily clogged. They are also cost-effective to construct and maintain and can easily manage snow removal. Furthermore, they can endure freeze-thaw cycles and are easy to maintain during winter. You can learn more about these benefits by reading the provided white papers.

Contractor installing Presto GEOPAVE parking lot
How difficult is the GEOPAVE system to install?

The GEOPAVE system installation process requires a crew of five: two individuals to set the panels, two to spread and level the infill, and one equipment operator for the loader. Essential equipment includes a GEOPAVE system U-clips, saws for panel cutting (if required), a small tractor or loader for infilling, and rakes and shovels for leveling. The installation involves placing panels, filling them at 100-120 panels/man-hour, and leveling the infill. While the process is systematic, installation rates vary due to site conditions, crew experience, and material placement. See the detailed installation guide here.

Wide shot of Permeable Paver Presto GEOPAVE

Porous pavements have emerged as a pivotal solution in sustainable infrastructure, particularly in addressing stormwater management and promoting groundwater recharge. Among the myriad options available, the GEOPAVE system distinguishes itself as a cutting-edge permeable paver adept at handling daily traffic while offering ecological and cost advantages over traditional alternatives like porous asphalt and pervious concrete.

Designed with precision, the GEOPAVE system ensures high percolation rates, limits runoff, and boasts superior load transfer and resistance to traffic stresses. The system's unique design, which includes the industry's most robust U-CLIP connections and SNAP delineators, aligns with green building standards, potentially earning LEED credits.

Furthermore, the system's high load distribution, shared wall design, and monolithic mesh bottom make it a robust choice for various applications, from emergency lanes to pedestrian walkways. Environmentally, the GEOPAVE system stands out by enhancing groundwater recharge and reducing surface runoff and is crafted from up to 97% recycled materials. Contrary to misconceptions, the GEOPAVE system is cost-effective and straightforward to install, with the flexibility to adapt to varying site conditions. In essence, the GEOPAVE system represents the future of sustainable paving, merging functionality with environmental stewardship.

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