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Excel PP5 Xtreme

What is Excel PP5 Xtreme?

Western Excelsior's PP5-Xtreme is a continuously woven High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM). The woven structure of the material provides the longest lasting, most durable and strongest material in the Western Excelsior lineup. The outstanding strength of PP5-Xtreme provides utility in ground securing and performance under the most extreme conditions.

What are the benefits of Excel PP5 Xtreme?

PP5-Xtreme incudes the highest possible resistance to UV degradation and provides the highest level of resistance to the forces of flowing water in a vegetated condition. Like all Western Excelsior products, PP5-Xtreme is made in the USA and may yield LEED credits for the end user. In addition to a complete suite of standard documentation, detailed information on the advantages and properties of the product are provided below.


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Product Details

PP5-Xtreme™ represents the next generation of HPTRMs. By providing high performance faster, yielding greater performance, and meeting or exceeding all requirements for an HPTRM, PP5-Xtreme™ is extending the capabilities and reliability of vegetated armor systems.

Product Brochure
Product Specifications

PP5-Xtreme is a fully synthetic, UV stable, High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM) manufactured by weaving continuous, synthetic thread elements to form a lofty, three-dimensional pattern. The product is a woven, homogeneous, single layer HP-TRM that contains no lamination or stitching.

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Installation Details

Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions. Contact Now

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