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Seed & Sod

What is seed & sod?

GeoSolutions Inc provides a full range of grass seeds and sod appropriate for erosion control applications. As specialists in soil stabilization and erosion control, we know that the correct selection of grass is a crucial component of any system.

What are the benefits of seed & sod?

Our seeds and sod provide immediate soil cover and surface erosion. Montana State University research data showed that a freshly tilled 2.5:1 (H:V) slope treated with hydroseed yielded 1-2 tons/hectare/year while the native grass sod yielded only 0.6 tons/hectare/year. Sod strips placed at the toe of the slope remove soil particles from surface runoff before it leaves the project site.


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Product Details

Controlling erosion at the source is much more cost-effective than trying to remove sediment or metals from stormwater runoff downstream.

TXDOT Seed Mix

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