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Manta Ray Earth & Rock Anchors

Revolutionizing Anchoring Technology

MANTA RAYs are driven into the ground, not augured or torqued, nor is a hole dug or drilled. There is "no disturbance" or "displacement" of soil. Unlike other anchoring systems, MANTA RAY actually compacts the soil around itself - a clean, safe and simple operation.

The anchors are driven with conventional hydraulic/pneumatic equipment that is readily available worldwide. Once driven to the proper depth, the rod/tendon attached to the anchor is pulled to rotate the anchor into undisturbed soil - like a toggle bolt. This is called "ANCHOR LOCKING" the anchor (using the MANTA RAY Anchor Locker). The anchor is pulled upon to reach the holding capacity required which is measured by a gauge on the "ANCHOR LOCKER." Each anchor is immediately proof loaded to the exact capacity required. No other system offers this feature.

There are seven MANTA RAY anchors with light to super heavy duty holding capacities. All MANTA RAY anchors are made of galvanized ductile iron, can be driven with the drive steel set (except the MR-68 and MR-88), and can be tested to the desired holding capacity with the anchor locker.

No More guess Work!

Manta Ray earth anchors are driven tipping plate soil anchors for reaction of tensile loads. Manta Ray anchors have ultimate capacities up to 20 tons. After driving the anchor to the required depth, the driving tool (called drive steel) is removed. The anchor is then tipped and proof tested with Foresight's Anchor Locking Kit from its edgewise-driving position to present its bearing area to the soil. This is called "load locking", and provides an immediate proof test of each anchor.

The beautifully simple, effective and low cost MANTA RAY anchor system represents a major breakthrough in "anchoring technology" with a multitude of uses in the Utility, Civil Engineering and Construction Markets.

MANTA RAY offers cost reductions for repair of existing walls, sheet piles and seawalls. Many of our customers utilize MANTA RAYs to shore-up, stabilize and repair failing walls with superb economic advantages. The bottom line is MANTA RAY is the solution to all your anchoring problems.


After installing the MANTA RAY to the proper depth, an upward pull rotates the anchor into the anchor lock position in undisturbed soil, like a toggle bolt in the earth.

Installation Equipment
Drive steel and accessories are available from Foresight Products for all Manta Ray and Stingray anchors in basic lengths of 3 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. Multiple sections are coupled together with specialized couplers to achieve the required depth of installation. Manta Ray and Stingray drive steel are not interchangeable.

Load Locking Kits
For Manta Ray, the LL-1 is a 10-ton fast acting jack with an 8-inch stroke. The direct reading gauge and rod gripping jaws make load locking easy and quick. For high capacity Stingrays, the LL-40 is a 20-ton jack with a 10-inch stroke. The base and jack are self-aligning to the actual installed angle of the anchor. Both kits require open center hydraulic flow of 2 to 8 gallons per minute and a maximum pressure of 2,000 psi. A power supply is not included with these load-locking kits, it must be provided separately. Foresight Products models GPU18-8 or GPU-2 are suitable for the LL-1. GPU18-8 is required for the LL-40.