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Shoreline Erosion Control



ShoreJax are a flexible interlocking concrete armor unit available in a variety of sizes. ShoreJax are used to resist the erosive forces generated due to high velocity water.

Applications include energy dissipation at the bottom of high velocity channels and spillways, stream bank stabilization due long term degradational erosion, bridge pier scour prevention and velocity reduction at pipe outfalls.

The SJ-24 is capable of withstanding water velocities of up to 24 ft/sec. ShoreJax can be placed in a random configuration, such as in lining an underwater scour hole, or in a uniform pattern for improved system performance in wave attack or energy dissipation applications. SJ-24 units are manufactured by the dry cast process, SJ-48 can be manufactured either dry cast or wet cast with larger units being wet cast. Reinforcing steel can be designed for each application and included in the wet cast units.