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Contractors near river bank with Filter Point installed
Filter Point on slope preview
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What is Enviroflex®

Enviroflex® stands at the forefront of innovative erosion control solutions, engineered as a tapered, vertically interlocking articulating concrete block (ACB) system. This pioneering system is expertly designed to combat erosion in areas with high-velocity water flows, such as riverines, channels, and zones vulnerable to scour. The genius of Enviroflex® lies in its vertically interlocking blocks, each meticulously crafted with an overlapping connection to prevent any block from protruding out of place. Manufactured from fiber-reinforced concrete, Enviroflex® combines unmatched tensile strength with functional design. Its strategically placed openings encourage groundwater recharge and infiltration to combat flooding and stormwater pollution and facilitate vegetation growth, seamlessly blending biofiltration benefits with a naturally aesthetic landscape.

What are the benefits of Enviroflex®

Enviroflex® heralds a new era in erosion control, offering an array of advantages over traditional methods like rip-rap, gabion mattresses, and solid linings. Its slim profile dramatically reduces the need for excavation, trucking, and handling, making it a cost-effective and environmentally considerate choice. Moreover, the design significantly reduces maintenance efforts and costs by warding off graffiti and eliminating the need for additional materials post-storm. The product’s capability to naturally integrate sediment infill fosters the growth of riparian plants, thus promoting a cyclically renewing natural habitat while ensuring a stable, scour-proof foundation. Enviroflex®’s palletized nature simplifies logistics, allowing for straightforward delivery to sites and efficient installation with minimal equipment, ensuring rapid deployment without the complications of traditional systems. Without the dependency on cables for hydraulic stability and with a zero protrusion design, Enviroflex® is FHWA tested and a testament to modern, sustainable engineering in erosion control.


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