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What is ShoreJax?

SHOREJAX™ interlocking concrete armor units consist of two identical concrete halves which, when interlocked, create a concrete matrix. 48” SHOREJAX™ halves are fastened together with a 3/8” galvanized, threaded rod and nut tightened to specified torque. Each SHOREJAX™ unit has a centralized core with three arms extending equidistantly. When each half-unit is properly interlocked, a completed SHOREJAX™ unit exhibits six equal extensions placed 90 degrees from the four adjacent arms. Upon placement, each unit will be supported by the adjacent concrete arms, allowing nesting of the adjacent SHOREJAX™ units. Multiple nested SHOREJAX™ units are referred to as a cluster.

What are the benefits of ShoreJax?

SHOREJAX™ units may be placed individually or in cluster configuration. SHOREJAX™ clusters are individual units nested as closely as possible into a pre-defined matrix. When nesting SHOREJAX™ units to make a cluster, the center-to-center spacing between units should be 19.2” - 24”. Per manufacture's recommendation, approved cabling should be placed and securely fastened around the mid-section of the cluster. All clusters should be deployed with a minimum spacing of 8” between clusters. Final spacing and placement of all SHOREJAX™ clusters shall be determined by the design engineer. Once the desired cluster configuration has been completed, each resulting cluster shall be cabled in the field. All cabling should be performed by qualified personnel, utilizing minimum 27mm polyester cable. Cabling aides in the mechanical interlock of the SHOREJAX™ units and helps alleviate potential scouring at the toe.


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Product Details

ShoreJax™ has the necessary strength characteristics to resist displacement due to imposed tractive forces and wave loads, including the necessary strength to resist both lateral displacement and vertical uplift.

Product Specifications

ShoreJax™ will not suffer loss of function due to chemical degradation, UV degradation, biological degradation, vandalism or aging throughout its design life.

Installation Details

Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions. Contact Now

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