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Sierra® Slope Retention System

What is the Sierra® Slope Retention System?

The Sierra® Slope Retention System is an economic alternative to conventional concrete retaining walls. The Sierra® Slope system allows for a smaller footprint as compared to conventional fill slopes. This strategy maximizes developable land, creates more usable land in undeveloped areas, and enhances property values.

What are the benefits of the Sierra® Slope Retention System?

The Sierra® Slope Retention System significantly reduces material and installation costs by eliminating many limitations imposed by soil conditions, minimizing fill requirements and allowing the use of on-site fills. The cost advantages, coupled with its natural aesthetic appeal, provide a reliable solution routinely specified by government agencies, developers, engineers, and architects for a variety of applications.


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Product Details

The Sierra Slope System is comprised of Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrids, Tensar UV-stabilized BX geogrids, a site-specific facing system, turf reinforcement mats (TRMs), and engineering and site assistance.

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Sierra slopes can be installed in the most challenging grade separation projects. Varying curves and face angles can be created for a more natural look, and several facing options, including plantable sod, hydroseeding, native vegetation, and bioengineering, can be specified.

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Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions.Contact Now

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