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What is Staples?

Sod Staples are are made to secure sod, landscape fabric, black plastic film, garden netting, burlap, mulch rings and borders, tarps, tents and more. Staples made from steel wire.

What are the benefits of Staples?

Sod staples help secure the sod firmly in place, so it won't shift or blow away during high winds or heavy rains. Sod staples make it easy to lay large amounts of sod quickly and securely without having to spend too much time staking each piece down which can be quite labor-intensive. Since the staples are securing the bottom part of the turf, they reduce any potential damage caused by soil shifting or erosion due to winds or water runoff.


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Product Details

Sod Staples provide an efficient way to secure sod in place while preventing the edges from lifting and curling.

Product Specifications

Sod Staples are also made with galvanized steel, making them resistant to rust and other environmental damage

Installation Details

Anticipate potential issues and resolve them with a GEO Pro prior to your construction. Contact your local GeoSolutions representative if you have any questions. Contact Now

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