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Products - Fiber Reinforcement Technology For Asphalt


FORTA-FI® high-tensile strength fiber for asphalt pavement helps roadways, airfields, parking lots, driveways and bicycle/walking trails perform better and last longer than traditional asphalt placements. Millions of FORTA-FI® fibers distributed throughout the asphalt paving material increases the strength and durability of the mat, while helping it resist premature cracking and rutting. Going Longer...Going Stronger with FORTA-FI® is an affordable way to add value to your next asphalt project, and there are many ways in which 100% recyclable asphalt material meets your green building goals!

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Performance

Realize savings down the road by extending the life of the asphalt.

  • Cost-effective – superior performance relative to conventional mixes
  • Extended life – reduces rutting and cracking
  • 3D reinforcement – provides 3D (isotropic) reinforcement throughout the treated layers
  • Material properties – improves tensile strength, resilient modulus, Marshall Stability and Flow, and others

Stronger than your traditional mixture. Reduces cracking and rutting.

While we have known for years that adding reinforcing fibers to asphalt would substantially increase the life of that asphalt, it was very difficult to quantify the years and calculate that value for our customers. Recent research has provided more detail about the benefits provided by FORTA-FI. Case studies developed by Arizona State University utilizing pavement design software [Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)] detail pavement longevity. This program calculates that the longevity increase would be 50% or more, beyond the same thickness of non-FORTAfied asphalt. Only FORTAfied asphalt provides savings through extended life.

Mixes thoroughly in seconds!

Ease of use is critical to the success of any product, even a product capable of providing the cost savings of FORTA-FI. Supplying reinforcing fibers to the asphalt industry since 1982 has taught us that to be effective, the product has to be simple to add to both batch plants and drum plants at all production speeds at a prescribed dosage. FORTA-FI is uniquely capable of meeting all of these requirements.

Easy to Specify

  • Material index (strength) properties and performance properties combines in the same specification
  • One unique blend applicable to all mix types

Easy to Produce

  • Add one bag (dosage) per ton of asphalt
  • Mix in batch and drum plants at all production speeds
  • Mixes thoroughly in seconds
  • Distributes throughout asphalt uniformly and completely
  • Formulated for different mixing temperatures by blend

Easy to Justify

  • Easy to specify, produce, and construct, and lasts 50% longer than your traditional mixture