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Mirafi H2Ri Series


Mirafi® H2Ri is a highly engineered geosynthetic incorporaing a unique water-wicking component. This innovative product offers the ultimate integrated geosynthetic for roadway subgrade stability in subsoil environments with high moisture content.

Choose Mirafi® H2Ri series innovative woven geosynthetic for soil stabilization and base course reinforcement applications where differential settlement occurs due to heaving in the subgrade soils.
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Why Choose H2Ri?

Special hydrophilic and hygroscopic 4g yarn that provides wicking action through the plane of the H2Ri Geosynthetic.

Higher tensile modulus properties than the leading stabilization products.

Excellent soil and base course confinement resulting in greater load distribution.

Several roll sizes to fit project requirements.

Durable under moderate to severe stress installers.

Panels can be seamed in the factory or field, providing cross-roll direction strength to facilitate efficient installtion.

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