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Mirafi HP Series

HP Series

When high performance, flexibility and versa-tility are necessary, Mirafi®HP geotextilesmake the difference for varying applicationneeds including: base course reinforcementand subgrade restraint for road and railwayconstruction; embankment stabilization on softfoundations; reinforcement for mechanicallystabilized earth (MSE) structures; liner support,voids bridging, reinforcement over soft haz-ardous pond closures and other environmentalmarket applications. read more »

The Difference Mirafi®HP-Series High-Performance Geotextiles Make:

Reinforcement Strength. Higher tensilemodulus properties per ASTM D4595 thanany comparable stabilization product.

Separation and Filtration. Unique geotextileweave provides excellent separation factorswith controlled filtration and drainage.Uniform openings provide same filtrationand flow characteristics as that of a fine tocoarse sand layer.

Durability. Superior damage resistance formoderate to severe stress installations.

Soil Interaction. Superior soil confinementresulting in greater load distribution.

Roll Sizes. Mirafi®HP geotextiles come inmultiple roll sizes to fit your project require-ments.

Seams. Panels can be sewn together in thefactory or field, providing cross-roll directionstrength to facilitate installation

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